The Dream that Shaped My Vocation.

Finally, as promised, my blog on the dream that confirmed for me the direction of my working life. Freud's work and my life intersect. This blog is a video. The photos which are interspersed I took on a marvellously sunny day in St Andrew's this past June. 

As a student of theology I was privileged to spend my second year of studies in St Andrew's as an exchange student from Emmanuel College, Victoria University in Toronto. Going back this year was indeed a pilgrimage. Mediaeval colleges do not change much and the town was as I remembered it. I even found my dorm room and the wide stair case that I floated down in my red ball gown for the St Andrew's College Ball. While exploring there, I met a student who let me know that the food had changed very little...boiled cabbage, turnip and one lamb chop on Friday evening! I ran on the west sands, walked on the golf course and made the trek out the pier, a famous tradition among college students. 

The dream I share in the video happened many years after I had been a student at St Andrew's. I really wanted to see the ruined cathedral where the dream took place. In the dream, the aisle was so very, very long. I thought I would never get to the altar. I was very sure that when I revisited the site, the aisle would be short and insignificant. Dreams so frequently exaggerate to get their point across. Then I stepped into the ruins and was gobsmacked. The aisle was so long I could barely see where the altar was. The length of a football field stretched before me. It was even longer than in my dream and it has been a long walk. It has taken a lot of effort to keep my hat on metaphorically speaking. Once again an old dream spoke to me in a fresh way.  Please listen to your dreams.