When someone calls me for the first time, I know and respect that it has taken that person courage to make this call to me.  Asking a professional for help with personal issues is never straightforward.  I am a Marriage and Family Therapist accredited by AAMFT. Below is a video that will help you understand the nature of my practice. Beneath the video are commonly asked questions by a prospective client making a first time inquiry.

Top Ten most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you think you can help me?

  • A: I truly hope so. Chances are I have treated people with your same presenting issue many times. I have been in practice a long time and have seen most issues that people have.  If this were not the case I would refer you on to a person I think more suitable to help you. 


Q:  What form of therapy do you practice?

  • A:  I am systemic therapist. I look at the whole picture. I pay careful attention to the family you grew up in and how this is affecting the current dilemmas. In addition, because of a lot of experience, I bring skills from many other schools of therapy to bear on the treatment.  Is there one that you are particularly interested in?


Q: What if I have a relationship issue and my partner won't come?

  • A: This is often the case. I do treat the system. I see you and your spouse/partner as part of a whole and that whole is your twosome, your extended family, your culture and your work place.  Therefore in time I would want to meet with your spouse/partner. I think we can figure this out. It has been very rare for me not to be able to help you figure out how to have your partner as part of the work.  And if your partner will come with you from the beginning, this is indeed encouraging. 


Q: What population/ groups do you work with?

  • A:  I work with all ethnic groups, secular and spiritual folk and the LGBTQIA communities.


Q: What do you charge?

  • A: $160 per 60 minute session. Paid by cheque or cash or e transfer of funds. 


Q: Would I qualify for any kind of reimbursement?

  • A:  This depends on your insurance plan. You need to check this and I am very happy to do all I can to help you get any reimbursement you can.


Q:  How long will this take? How many sessions?

  • A:  This is a common question and it is hard for me to give an answer. In some degree it depends on how hard you are willing to work with my help.  This is a mutual enterprise as is any learning.  It takes your curiosity and practice and enthusiasm.  I guarantee you mine.


Q: What sort of success rate do you have in helping a couple find new life together?

  • A: Over 40 years of practice, many couples have found with my help ways to repair fairly new relationships and also ones that are tired, worn out and old.  Often a new marriage is born between the two who have almost given up.  And if this is not possible then the couple will have learned much and be able to come apart with dignity. 


Q: With whom are you accredited?

  • I am a clinical member and supervisor with BCAMFT which is part of AAMFT which accredits marriage and family therapists after rigorous training. There is lots of information about this on their websites.  All Marriage and Family therapists work under a strick ethical code of conduct.


Q. What's next?

A:  If possible an appointment is established and I will take down your email and send you the location and the time and payment details.  A new venture is beginning.