My private practice is located in Vancouver, BC. I work in person and by SKYPE. Please call me at: 604.731.3150

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We are grateful to Ann Evans for her guiding role in strengthening our marriage. We brought to the table issues of disconnection and disagreement about major issues including where to live, how to balance our careers and personal lives, and when to have children. As an experienced Family Therapist, she was able to strike the balance of helping us work on relationship challenges without losing sight of our strengths as a couple. Ann explored each of our personality styles and drew on information she gathered about our conflicts to show us how these traits expressed themselves in needs, thoughts and behaviours. This awareness assisted us in better understanding each other’s differences and being more mindful of each other’s unique needs.  She was skilled at helping us to understand our own relationship expectations in the context of our past relationships, particularly those we experienced within our own families.  Her patience, intuition, sense of humor, and pragmatism helped us to meaningfully reconnect, communicate more effectively and make some important decisions as a couple.  We strongly recommend Ann Evans to any couple seeking to heal and deepen their relationship.
— Professional Couple, Vancouver, BC