Private Counselling Sessions

I am a systemic therapist. This means that if you are a couple then I will want to see you most of the time as a couple.  I think that you live in a system and that system is very important in any healing enterprise.  Sometimes this may mean that I work with one of you while the other sits by and/or helps me with perspective. Most of the time I am working with both of you for the whole session.

Or you may come as an individual.  

All sessions are completely confidential.  Each session lasts for 1 hour unless we decide otherwise.  My fee is $170 an hour and this includes all taxes. My office is in Kitsilano, Vancouver.  If you have an insurance plan, you can check to see if it covers sessions given by a therapist accredited with BCAMFT (Canada) or AAMFT (USA) .  Some insurance plans do. 

I am also available to work with you long distance by Skype.  As well I offer intensives where you would see me over two to three days, a number of hours per day.  This option gives you a maximum kick start.  Or it works for those with severe timetable restrictions.

People always ask how many sessions?  There is no easy answer to this question. As a private practitioner, I am am available to work with you over time.  People see me weekly, twice a month, once a month and less depending on the situation.  

My experience tells me that by the time you call me,  you are worried and usually have tried all the interventions available to you.  It is time to consult an expert.  This tells me that you are very serious and dedicated to your emotional health and its repair.  

I do hold you in the context of the system that you live in and this may be your work, your family of origin, your culture and your community.  I have worked with a variety of issues and communities.  

Your context may be one or a combinations of the following:  athletics, the arts, a spiritual community, the medical community, academia, the LGBT community or the legal world.  I have had clients within all these systems.  And all of us have a family of origin that has so deeply been a part of who we are.  Frequently I have worked with entire and large family systems. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

We’re a couple in our mid-30s with intense professions who are from culturally different planets. Time with Ann is a good investment; she is an experienced and skilled professional who has a way of putting her finger precisely on the most important issues in a way that is effective in bringing change. She’s fair to both partners, transparent with the various counseling techniques and resources she has in her toolkit, flexible in scheduling and prompt with communication.
— Professional Young Couple
I started seeing Ann at a pivotal time in my life as I was encountering the stresses of an intense university program for the first time while also grappling with my sexual identity. Everything felt overwhelming at the time, but Ann encouraged me to ask some hard questions and, in doing so, helped shift my perspective in some subtle ways that made these issues manageable. Since then, Ann has offered much needed help in navigating my identity as a young gay man and starting and ending relationships, while also providing some general guidance through life’s challenges. As a result of these conversations, I have improved my introspective abilities and become more comfortable with myself and within relationships. I am immensely grateful for her contribution to my life.
— Gay Male Student
I had decided it was time to contact a lawyer and begin the divorce process. Then suddenly, I thought I would look and see if I could find a registered marriage therapist. I am not sure why. I found Ann Evans’ website and sent a message. After speaking to Ann, my husband and I travelled to Vancouver for an intensive weekend of relationship therapy. We continue to check in with Ann monthly via Skype. It has been an encouraging and hopeful journey through exploration of our challenges. What seemed insurmountable has altered into quite a pleasant learning, growing, and healing process.

Couple married for 37 years