Ann Evans, Consulting and Counselling Practice

My name is Ann Evans and I have been in private practice over the past 40 years. I am accredited with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and practice within the British Columbia Association of Marriage and Family division (BCAMFT). I have served in the past as a board member and president of this organization. Prior to residing in British Columbia I was a member of the Ontario Division of MFT and was a founding member of that organization. I am a graduate of UWO, Victoria University, Toronto and Chicago Theological Seminary with a Doctor of Ministry degree specializing in pastoral counselling. 


Dr. Ann Evans has been a mentor of mine since the very early dawning of systemic work in my own mind, some thirty-four years ago. She inspired me then. She inspires me still. Her indefatigable spirit touches the lives of all who come to seek counsel and supervision and helps them become.

She is gentle. She is bold. She invited those who seek counsel to hear the good things. She tells too what we need to hear without apology. In the end, we have sense that we have been in the presence of a wise soul who has widened our world and led us firmly and solidly to the task we have set for ourselves.
— President, B.C.A.M.F.T. Don Collett, MDiv RCC RMFT Principal, Therapeutic Services of Vancouver
Uluru after a rain in November 2018!

Uluru after a rain in November 2018!